Thanks to a combination of never drinking enough water and lack of adequate shut-eye (I blame the toddler), the dark circles under my eyes seem to only be getting, well, darker. This makes concealer (what used to be a take-it-or-leave-it product for me) an essential in my makeup routine. While I still love Clé de Peau’s concealer (shade Beige for me) for an event or a night out, I find that it can feel a little heavy for everyday. I recently discovered Make Beauty’s Skin Mimetic Concealer and I am obsessed. It’s everything I want in a daily concealer: easy to apply, light on my skin, and provides enough coverage to get the job done. The real gold star here is the skin-like finish it gives. It makes my dark circles disappear without leaving any trace that it was ever there. It just blends right in to my skin. Magic!

Note: I took the Find Your Shade test on their site and it nailed the right one (03 Light C) for me. Give it a try if you’re unsure which shade you should get.

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