Truth: I don’t like Halloween. I actually kind of loathe it. Haunted houses? Not for me. Candy corn? Yuck. Carving pumpkins? I can think of other ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. And then the craze to get a costume… The holiday is filled with chaos. Am I wrong?

Here’s the thing though: I have a kid (almost two of them!) and holidays – even the ones you hate – are kind of non-negotiable. For all I know, George may end up loving Halloween (let’s hope not) and who am I to stand in the way of that? So, here I am: embracing the black-and-orange holiday in all it’s chaotic glory. A little shopping always does the trick, right? In my hunting for a costume (TBD on the final decision), I actually came across some Halloween things that I didn’t hate. From trick-o’-treating essentials like this personalized light-up bucket and quick-fix costumes for moi (wear this headband and go as a disco ball?) to entertaining must-haves like this punch bowl that’s calling out for some Witch’s Brew.

Below, a hocus-pocus hit list ready to shop ’til you drop. Want more? Head over to my LTK and shop this list.

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