Covid and #WFH life may have fueled my loungewear fire, but pregnancy has taken it to another level entirely. Figuring out what to wear (and what fits!) is no easy task with a growing bump so when I’m at home, all I want is easy and ultra-comfortable looks. Cue the loungewear. I’ve never been much of a leggings girl (though I do really love these in my third trimester) so loungewear is really the name of my game right now.

Here’s the thing though: there’s a fine line between super comfortable and feeling like I’m wearing pajamas. I want to feel put-together at home, not like I stayed in my PJs all day. Matching sets are key here as they offer a one-and-done look that requires minimal thinking. Leset makes this super easy, offering separates with coordinating pieces like their “Lauren” pants (dreamy! super soft!) that pair back to this sleeveless top. It’s also available in this lighter hue and has a coordinating cardi that I love. (Leset’s “Zoe” knit set is another good one though it’s less soft and more sweater-like, in my opinion.) I am equally obsessed with the knit options from Lisa Yang (this polo plus these pants) and Extreme Cashmere. I also recently discovered the label Raey and am quite certain I could live every day of my life in their cashmere-blend track pants.

Needless to say, I’ve done my research. Below, a hit list with 16 sets that check all the boxes.

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