I find right now to be the trickiest when it comes to getting dressed. Texas is notorious for its lingering heat and despite the fact that, technically, summer is very much over, it certainly doesn’t feel like fall yet. It’s the in-between season – aka the awkward time with no clear wardrobe guidance. Oh. Being pregnant doesn’t help matters. The only plus is that there’s really only a few things that fit which limits the options and ergo the guesswork. Pregnant or not (but especially pregnant), there’s an undisputed hero of transpersonal dressing and that’s knitwear – specifically dresses. Short, long (mainly long), casual, dressy – knit dresses are the quickest way to master in-between-seasons style.

My selection has more than tripled, thanks to being pregnant, and though they vary in style, nearly every single one is black (see: here, here, and here). That’s why I was thrilled to acquire this La Double J frock, in all its festive stripe glory. Not only is it a reprieve from black, but it’s managed to check plenty of other boxes, too: it’s comfortable (so very), flattering (a feat!), and straddles both casual (add a pair of sandals) and dressier (this necklace is the perfect finishing touch) occasions alike.

Did I mention it comes in one more color? It does and, as of last week, it’s hanging in my closet.


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