We all know that the star quality of any wardrobe basic is its versatility and ability to provide a great foundation for seasonal items (think: a black t-shirt paired with this springy floral skirt.)  They also provide a go-to look when you’re pressed for time and aren’t sure what to wear.

This was the case last week when I was running late (very late) for an event. I decided to skip any sort of try-on session and just go with what I know: the basics. The result was a top-to-bottom look of my current favorite essentials, including these wide-leg jeans, the hair clip I wear nearly every single day, and these cat-eye sunnies that are as close in style to Celine’s  beloved “Edge” sunglasses (R.I.P) as it gets. The lynchpin of the whole thing, though, is this bodysuit. It has easily become most-worn essential over the last six months. I love a bodysuit and have tried a lot of them, but this one is a winner. It’s super comfortable, easy to layer, flattering, and, most importantly, not the slightest bit see-through. (Note: I wear it with a regular bra all the time but sometimes I just slip these pasties on and call it a night.) Worth every penny.

Below, a shopping list with a selection of my favorite essentials.

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