TGIF. Black Friday may not be for a couple of weeks, but it seems that retailers (see: here, here, and here) aren’t holding off and instead are kicking off their sales right now. (Nordstrom is basically in full Black-Friday mode. Even my favorite bra is marked down. Check out all of the bestsellers here.) Bottom line: they’re not waiting and neither should you.

The early birds will surely score the best deals. With that in mind, I’ve expedited things for you and narrowed the search to my favorite buys. Below, a hit list with 20 sale scores worth a peek this weekend.

  1. If I didn’t already own this top, I would buy it right now on sale. Lucky you.
  2. Can’t believe they still have so many sizes of these leather pants left. Snag yours while you still can.
  3. Headed to the beach over the holidays? This dress and this dress are so good.
  4. This tray would make such a great holiday gift. It’s on sale for under $75.
  5. This Johanna Ortiz dress would be a perfect party dress for a beach trip. Just add earrings and pair of sandals.
  6. What a great warm-weather party dress.
  7. A timeless trench is always a good sale buy.
  8. Love this puffer.
  9. Another great dress for an upcoming beach trip.
  10. Cabana’s soup bowls on sale? Yes, please.
  11. A great cashmere basic that is now under $100.
  12. New workout wear is always a good sale score. I just stocked up on my favorite shorts, this tank, and these leggings.
  13. Super simple and super chic: this knit dress is a great basic.
  14. I love a matching set. The top and pants are currently in my cart.
  15. I love this cardigan. I have been eyeing it forever.
  16. What a cute little dress.
  17. Cute Nike sneakers marked down to under $100.
  18. When does a chic pair of sunglasses not feel like a treat? Snag this Bottega pair on sale.
  19. For those who love pink like I do, be sure to take a peek at this sweater.
  20. I love this long beachy dress.

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