Clockwise from top left: ADRIANA DEGREAS // LA VIE // ERES // PATBO

With a toddler in tow, I seem to be spending a lot more time at the pool – and read: chasing him around the pool. All of those extra hours spent poolside has me thinking a lot more about my coverup collection which, to be honest, has needed a little update.

I’ve always loved the ease of a sarong – especially the ones with bold prints (see: here and here) and while I still pack them for beach vacations, I find that they’re not a functional option when I’m constantly picking up and putting down a toddler. In that regard function is important. The coverups that fill that need are easy and chic caftan styles like this one from La Vie and Tory Burch’s signature style in cotton voile (I also bought the matching swimsuit). I also wear a lot of shirt dresses (this wrap one is a great under-$125 option) as coverups because they’re unfussy and easy. For the best bang-for-your-buck coverup options, H&M is the obvious go-to. Check out this one and this one.

Of course, if you’re not in the mood for a dress, there’s lots of chic pants that are pool worthy. One of my favorite buys from earlier this summer is actually this linen set from Sleeper. While it’s too hot right now to wear the top, I throw the pants on quite a bit over my swimsuit.

Below, a shopping list that covers it all.

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