I never used to work out at home. Like ever. I had to go to the gym (or the tennis court) or a workout wouldn’t happen. As I’m sure is the case with many of you, COVID completely changed that. It took a bit of trial and error but I finally landed on a few apps that work for me and now I’m really in a groove with it. In fact, even when (if) things go back to normal, I definitely won’t quit the at-home workouts.

Since I know I’m really committed to at-home workouts, I decided to invest in some gear to use. It’s not a lot (my workouts don’t require much) but just a few items that I actually use – not to mention, make the workouts more effective.

  1. Bala Bangles – This is probably my favorite and most-used exercise item. I actually bought them when I was pregnant to wear on walks and have used them ever since. I love that I can use them as arm weights or on my ankles. They’re just an easy way to level up any workout.
  2. Bala Sliders – It was the Sculpt Society app that got me going on these. The instructor uses them in a lot of her workouts and after substituting with a towel (it works fine!) for so long, I finally decided to buy the real deal. I notice a major difference in how sore I am the day after a workout using these.
  3. Letsfit Resistance Bands – I ordered these from Amazon. This set includes five bands, each one with a different resistance. I use them for mainly for quick leg workouts (sometimes I’ll add them to my MWH mat workouts), but they’re also great for arm exercises, too.

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