J.CREW Shirt // COH Jeans // SLEEPER Slippers

It feels like I’m always shopping for jeans. This isn’t true for me for other wardrobe items: when I find a great black turtleneck (and I did, it’s this one), for example, I can pause on continuing any further search for at least a little awhile. This isn’t the case for denim. I’m always on the hunt.

That doesn’t mean I don’t rejoice each time I find a great pair. I do – mainly in the form of sharing the news with you all here like I’m doing right now. Below, three pairs of jeans in constant rotation right now. If you, too, are always on the denim hunt then perhaps one of these is your next best pair.

  1. COH “Charlotte Crop” Jeans // I’ve told you all before that my legs aren’t long so I find that the most flattering jeans for me are ones with a slight crop, ones that hit at my ankle or ever so slightly above. These jeans check that box and so much more. They’re a perfect straight-leg cut with a relaxed fit but – this is important – without looking too relaxed (read: oversized and baggy in weird places). I’ve already bought a second pair. It should be noted that if you’re taller, these jeans are available in an un-cropped version.
  2. Khaite “Vivian” Jeans // I pretty much think every thing Khaite is perfect, including the jeans. The “Vivian” style (also available here) is a classic, non-stretch denim that despite the fact that I wear it with mostly casual white t-shirts and the like, it feels like a more dressed-up jean. The quality is great (as reflected in the price tag) but it shows. They don’t stretch out and only get better with time. These are only ever slightly cropped and a perfect option for both flats and heels.
  3. COH “Rocket” Skinny Jeans // Another pair from Citizen. These jeans are just a great go-to when I need a skinny style that works with basically any shoe I wear – ballet flats, booties, tall boots, you name it. I’m really not a huge fan of super stretchy denim so I’m happy to report that while these do have some stretch, it’s not too much .

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