My slipper selection has grown exponentially since the pandemic began. I think I started with one pair (which, by the way, was around four years old) and today, have five-ish pairs in my closet. Bottom line: I need another pair of slippers like a hole in the head.

Even so, I couldn’t resist this shearling pair from Vibi Venezia. And I’m so glad I didn’t because they are truly the best pair yet. Not only are they the most cozy and the most comfortable slippers I own, but they’re chic, too. They pull even my most casual WFH look together, whether that’s a sweat set or jeans and a tee. Slipping them on my feet always feels like such a treat – so much so, in fact, that I’m having to restrain myself from buying a second pair in black, too.

(Note: the Vibi Venezia slipper collection also includes a cashmere pair, which, I can only imagine, is as dreamy as it sounds.)

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