Eyeglow Serum // SUNDAY RILEY Eye Cream

Time for another Amazon round-up. Below, my best Prime purchases in the last four weeks.

  1. The Drop Faux Fur Slippers – The best $39 slippers ever. Super soft and cozy, these slippers are a #WFH essential.
  2. Living Libations Rose Oil – This oil can technically be used as both a facial cleanser and a moisturizer, I prefer it for the latter. I apply it to my body immediately after getting out of the shower (while my skin is still just slightly damp) and it works like a charm to lock in moisture and leave my skin looking refreshed and dewy. I love that the ingredients are clean and simple and, though I am not normally a huge fan of floral scents, I find the rose scent to be quite lovely.
  3. Cryo Sticks for Face – I am totally obsessed with these ice globes. They are a miracle worker when I wake up to a tired and puffy face – which is quite often during allergy season. I keep them in the mini-fridge in our bedroom so they stay extra cold. After I have cleansed, I roll these up and down my face (there’s lots of videos on the best ways to do this), paying special attention to my jaw line and underneath my eyes.
  4. Hiccapop Portable High Chair – This portable highchair is perfect for picnics, even if they’re just in our backyard. I love setting up a little lunch al fresco situation for George. It feels like an activity.
  5. Jerrybox360 Makeup Organizer – I’m desperately trying to clean and organize my bathroom. In an effort to declutter some of my drawers, I bought this lazy-susan organizer for all of my “extras” (back stock of most-used items and the things I don’t use every single day like body sunscreen) and keep it underneath my sink. I love that it has different compartments and, with adjustable trays, it’s easy to customize the heights to fit a variety of different products.
  6. Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Cream – I am always in search of the next best eye cream and as of a few weeks ago, this one is it. I have noticed a difference as far as depuffing (hooray!) along with a boost in moisture, making concealer look extra smooth and not cakey. It works especially well when combined with a tiny drop of this serum from Joanna Czech.
  7. Bioeffect Hydrogel Facial Masks – I decided to buy a pack of these masks on a whim one day and so glad I did. My skin looks healthy and happy immediately after using this sheet mask. I have found that it’s especially great for reducing inflammation, while providing my skin with a major hit of moisture. Pro tip: keep them in the fridge.

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