Who’s ready to celebrate the end of 2020? I think we’re all looking forward to bidding adieu to this year and, while there may not be a huge bash happening, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t call for celebration. (To be totally honest, I’ve never been a big fan of going out on New Year’s Eve. The idea of a small celebration with delicious food and great wine always sounds so much more appealing to me.)

If you’re planning on staying in with your family or a small group for the evening, why not go all out with the NYE mood? I often think that smaller parties are the best ones because you can really go for it with all of the extra details. Set the mood: decorate the house, get dressed up in something sparkly (or, if you’d prefer pajamas, why not make them fancy ones?), sip champagne or a cocktail (any from this book will do) from your favorite glassware, do it all. Below, a list of festive favorites – from decorations to outfit ideas – to ring in the new year.

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