In addition to listening to the new Taylor Swift album on repeat, here are five new-to-me podcasts keeping my company in the car, on the treadmill,.

  1. Crime Junkie – I honestly wish I had never started this one because I’m fairly certain it’s the reason I’ve been having nightmares over the last few weeks. It’s a true-crime podcast that details a different case with each episode. It’s the kind of thing that you can’t stop listening to in the middle, which is why it’s the perfect thing to keep me on the treadmill a little longer.
  2. In Vogue: The 1990s – I live for two things: Vogue magazine and ’90s style. This podcast is both of those things wrapped up into one juicy listen. As a child of the ’90s, each listen is like a walk down memory lane – the Spice Girls, Kate Moss, it’s all in there!
  3. House Guest – Hosted by British editor Carole Annett, this podcast features interviews with experts and tastemakers in the world of interior design. As someone who loves British style and design, I love getting the inside scoop from some of my favorite designers. If you’re a fan of Kit Kemp, you’ll love this episode.
  4. The Remedy – Hosted by Dallas-based Christian author Tova Sido, this podcast really covers it all. You’ll find interviews with experts on everything from conflict resolution in marriage to brain health. Each episode is different and she asks all the right questions. Not only has this podcast been educational, but I also find that it’s made me more thoughtful and intentional about my everyday behavior.

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