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It’s no secret that I love nothing more than a well-dressed table. Whether it’s a big family birthday dinner or just a regular Tuesday night with take-out, setting the table is always part of it for me. I’m not someone who saves things for special occasions which means my fine china gets as much use as my everyday plates do. (This approach has proved useful this year, when so many days having been spent at home.) I find setting the table to be therapeutic, a a creative outlet that allows me to play around with different colors, textures, and create a happy mix.

The holidays, of course, take all of that to another level. I’m always in the mood to put together a pretty table, even if it’s just for a quick dinner with delivery pizza. Adding in special, festive touches to a table is a mood booster, which is something we could all use this year.

Below, 14 finds that will add some festive flair to your table.

  1. When it comes to linens, I like to invest in things that will last. Elizabeth Lake’s linens certainly fit the bill here. I am obsessed with the Big Love” dinner napkins she made for Bisette. Hearts add a festive spin to any table, no matter what season it is.
  2. These star glasses are cute. They’re festive for the season, but also something you could use year-round.
  3. Sometimes I like to write out a menu for even the most casual dinners. Grab a set of these and do it for your next family dinner.
  4. I definitely wouldn’t mind finding a set of these plates under my tree this year. Santa, are you listening?
  5. No better time for a big bow than right now. These dinner napkins (under $175 for a set of four!) add a festive punch to a dinner table.
  6. The quickest way to make a table feel festive? Add colored candles!
  7. I have been eyeing these red striped glasses for so long. They are so happy.
  8. There’s something about a coupe (as opposed to a flute) that feels decidedly festive. This 10-piece set is such a good deal.
  9. I always advise brides to add one set of unique flatware to their registries. This could be a bamboo set or a colorful set like this one from Sabre.
  10. Just added these placemats to my cart.
  11. This velvet ribbon is the most perfect shade of Christmas red. Use it to wrap bows around basic white napkins, or cut strands and tie them to your chandelier or light fixture above your table.

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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