TGIF. What better way to end the week than with a really good sale, right? You can thank Shopbop for this one. The site just launched their Holiday Sale, where you can score loads of goodies (this sweater and these jeans are already in my cart) marked down up to 50% off. There’s a lot to see – from winter essentials like this puffer jacket to holiday sparkle (hello!) to wardrobe basics like this top, one of my favorite pairs of jeans and a great blazer – which is why I’ve done the digging for you and narrowed it down to the very best buys.

Below, a highlight reel of my favorite buys plus a full shopping edit at the end.

  1. Love this Stella McCartney x Adidas top.
  2. This leather jacket is a great sale score.
  3. This camel coat is a really, really good sale score.
  4. I love the neckline on this creamy, winter-white knit.
  5. This LDJ top has been on my shopping list forever. It’s a great warm-weather buy.
  6. This coat is the perfect burnt orange hue for autumn.
  7. I have posted about this dress so many times. I still love it.
  8. A unique spin on a classic shirt. It’s a perfect pairing with jeans.
  9. This is a perfect vacation dress.
  10. Still loving this black going-out top.
  11. I ordered these cute pink sneaks. Note: pay attention to sizing!
  12. Kind of want this whole set for lounging at home.
  13. Love a teddy coat.
  14. Chic loafers.
  15. Not a bad time to stock up on a pair of white denim for next year.
  16. These cropped jeans are one of my favorite pairs. They’re a straight cut and while there’s no stretch, they’re relaxed and comfortable.
  17. I stumbled across this Vince shirt dress. I actually really like it. I may not wear it until next spring but it’s worth saving until then!
  18. Another great pair of jeans already in my closet.

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