I’ll be honest: flared denim has never been my go-to style. (If you read last week’s post then you know exactly what my favorite pair of jeans is.) But if there’s ever a time for a flare then it’s right now. There’s something about the fall season that always has me wanting to adopt the flare into my denim repertoire. I love the way it looks paired with a fitted tee (this $10 tee is my very favorite) or cropped sweater. So, while the majority of my denim collection consists of straight-leg and skinny styles, I do like to have at least one pair of flares for when the mood strikes.

Since I’m not very tall, I usually opt for a cropped and more subtle flare as opposed to the bell-bottom style. My favorite pairs as of late are these and these. Both pairs are cropped (but not too much) and have just the right amount of flare at the ankle. Because I am such a Khaite fan, I can’t help but eye her newest Gabbie pair. I find that her denim to have such a perfect fit (not stretchy but still super comfortable) so I can imagine that this pair would be a fast favorite for me. If you’re looking for a full-length, more ’70s flare, try these, these (under $100!), or these. And for these needing a perfect not-quite-white pair for fall, give these a shot.

For more, scroll through the shopping list below with a full edit of all of my favorites.

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