Time for another Amazon round-up. Here, a list of my most recent Prime purchases.

1. Though it’s too big for George (give it another year or two!) right now, I couldn’t help but scoop up this adorable kid’s raincoat. It’s under $30 and comes in so many good colors.

2. There’s nothing I love more than a good tabletop score, and this set of glassware certainly fits the bill. The tortoise shell design works as a neutral, making the glasses ones that you can mix with so many different table settings. Ringing in at just under $100 for a set of six (!), these glasses would also make a great gift.

3. After spending much time organizing my home – especially my kitchen – over the last six months, I’ve decided that these are the key to an organized pantry. The turntable maximized space and the compartments allow for easy division of goods. I used to solely rely on the acrylic bins (still have those, too!) but quickly realized that these really make the biggest difference for things like bottled sauces, condiments, and snacks. It sounds so simple but I thought it was worth a share. Grab a label maker and get going!

4. When it comes to sippy cups for George, I’ve decided that these are my favorite ones. (For record: George isn’t picky when it comes to sippy cups. He likes them all.) They are a great size, and I like the easy-to-grab handles on each side. The best part is the flip top lid that covers the straw. This makes them great for on-the-go and prevents any leaking or big spills.

5. This Korean mitt is the newest addition to my shower routine. It has totally changed my skin for the better. I use the mitt a few times a week with a little soap and it leaves my skin exfoliated and softer than ever before. I feel like my lotion and any other products I use on my body are now absorbing better because my skin is properly exfoliated. While I do wish they weren’t so green (an odd color, am I right?), they definitely get the job done.

6. I can’t remember the Amazon spiral that led me to these blue-and-white ceramic planters but here we are. They’re such a good price for a trio. I know they’re technically planters but I think they would make great cache pots for storing things like pens and pencils.

7. In addition to the above, I also ordered these small terracotta pots. They set comes with six pots that are perfect for small topiaries and more.

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