Time is such a strange thing right now. Thanks to COVID-19, my normal markers for time (holidays, birthday celebrations…) aren’t there, you know? I’m never quite sure what day of the week it is. Everything just feels like one long, blurry never-ending month. All of that is to say that the fact that this (unofficially) the last week of summer has come as a total surprise to me. Summer’s over?

So it is. I’ll spend this week soaking up every last bit of it. What does that look like exactly? Below, a few things on my so-long-summer list.

  1. Afternoon swims with George. (I just ordered this adorable suit for him). He loves floating around in this.
  2. A post-lunch family walk to the sno-cone stand before it closes for the season.
  3. Wearing all of my favorite summer dresses – see: this ($100), this, and this.
  4. Eating this salad on repeat. (Why did I only discover this recipe last week? It’s delicious.)
  5. Outdoor dinners with a table set using my summer favorites, including this new striped tablecloth and these napkins.
  6. A little housekeeping in the form of a closet clean-out for both myself and for George. Not super fun, but necessary.
  7. Snagging all I can from this amazing sale. Currently in my cart: this, this, and this.
  8. Rosé-filled weekend afternoons spent playing Rummikub while George naps.
  9. Finishing up this book so I can embark on the next one.
  10. Watching summer’s sleeper hit Outerbanks. Should I be embarrassed that I’m gotten hooked on this teen drama?

Photos by Lindsey Weitzel

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