Fact: I’ve been going to the same dermatologist since I was in middle school. I trust her implicitly and give her total credit for always keeping my skin looking its best – especially when it needs it the most: the summer. She is a wealth of knowledge and while I definitely rely on her prescription-writing powers for certain things, a number of the products she’s recommended to me require no prescription at all. In fact, you can score them all online at Walmart. They have an entire section devoted to dermatologist-recommended skincare products, making it super easy to find and shop for the tried-and-true favorites.

As someone with sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, summer can really take its on my skin. My skin just needs that extra TLC. Below, three products both my derm and I swear by this time of year.

  1. ELTA MD UV CLEAR SUNSCREEN – No surprise here: my dermatologist is all about SPF. I don’t think she’s ever finished an appointment with me without reminding me to wear my sunscreen everyday. She’s one of the reasons that sunscreen has become a part of my daily routine, and it was her recommendation that led me to my favorite one: Elta MD Clear SPF 46. Not only does this zinc-filled sunscreen protect my skin, but it’s also super lightweight so it works with our without makeup. It feels amazing on my skin – so much so that I actually look forward to putting it on every morning. (Note: the EltaMD Sport sunscreen is a great option if you do a lot of workouts outdoors.)
  2. AVÈNE XERACALM CREAM – Thanks to a combination of the extra sun, heat, and chlorine, it’s almost guaranteed that my skin will have at least one bad flare up. On days where my skin is extra reactive, I reach for this calming lotion from Avène. (Aquaphor works for this, too, but is really more of a spot treatment.) My dermatologist loves Avéne products (she’s the reason I carry this facial mist in my handbag) and recommends this cream over any prescription. It’s simple (read: not fragranced and not filled with a lot of weird ingredients) and works to calm my skin and reduce redness quickly.
  3. DIFFERIN ADAPALENE GEL – Differin always makes me think of middle school, when the breakouts were often and this gel was the prescription of choice. The gel is still just as good today but – best news – no longer only available through a doctor. You can get your hands on it right here. While my breakouts are thankfully far less frequent than they were in middle school, I do still have the occasional flare up and it’s almost always during the summer. When that happens, I reach for this gel and it’s gone within two days.
  4. LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFALCAR MASQUE – While La Roche-Posay has long been a go-to brand of mine, this mask is new to me. My dermatologist recommended it as a solution to unclog my pores. This is an issue that seems to only happen to me in the summer (I blame the heat!). She recommended this mask as a twice-a-week ritual. I have noticed a reduction in the extra oil my skin like to produce this time of year. It’s a good one to add into a summer skin regimen.

This post was sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

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