No doubt that we’ve all spent more time than ever in our loungewear and pajamas lately. It’s certainly made me take stock of my own selection. I’ve done a big clean-out and tossed anything that isn’t super comfortable (the bar is set a lot higher now, isn’t it?) along with all the oldies that were beyond repair. I’ve edited it down to to just my favorites, which really run the gamut in terms of style. My only requirement is that they not be too heavy and that they are indeed comfortable.

I love a matching set. One of my favorites is this extra soft cotton set from Lake. They really are perfect for lounging around the house or actual sleeping in bed. This linen silk set from Lunya is great for summer. For something more crisp, I’ve long loved this set from J.Crew. It’s a classic style. Tip: add a monogram to the pocket!

I wear a lot of nightgowns (especially during the summer). Some of my favorites include this super simple (and under $100!) dress from Skarlett Blue and the silk chemises from Skin. I also just ordered this cute nightgown. Sleeper makes some really cute things. My only call-out is that I really don’t wear their things to actually sleep. I love to lounge around in this feather set (festive lounging!), and I have this dress in every color but I wear it literally everywhere except for bed. The same goes for this shirt dress. It’s the most crips and so classic. It’s technically a sleep shirt but I wear it with a pair of sandals to run errands all the time.

I’ve put together a full edit of favorites for you in the list below. Happy shopping!

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