Like many of you, I’ve spent more time at home in the last four months than ever before in my life. It’s become more clear than ever that it’s the little things that can really make all the difference. Below, 7 things that have brought me great joy at home this year.

  1. The Defined Dish Cookbook – Meals at home have become the norm and I’m totally okay with that. While takeout is a big a part of the routine (I’m really not much of a chef), I’m happy to say that we’ve also made it a priority to cook more at home. This cookbook has made that super easy. We’ve actually managed to make our way through 75% of the recipes, each one better than the next. The recipes are healthy, easy-to-follow (even for a novice chef like myself), and don’t require a lot of prep. It’s been a game-changer for dinners at home.
  2. Koffee Kult Espresso Beans – As someone who solely drank cold brew every morning for at least five years, the biggest change that came during quarantine is the fact that I’m actually making my coffee every morning. It’s a big switch for me. Some days it’s a cappuccino and others, it’s an iced latte. I’ve become my own barista and I love it. These beans are my very favorite. I stock up on Amazon.
  3. Bala 1 lb. Weight Bangles – One thing that has become very clear during quarantine is that I don’t need a gym membership to get a good workout. Also true: I don’t need a lot of equipment. These Bala Bangles have been pretty much all I’ve needed. Whether it’s a dance cardio class (you can read more about my favorites in this post) I’m streaming or a quick walk around my neighborhood, these weights are an easy way to level it up.
  4. Apple AirPods Pro – Quarantine gave me the excuse I needed to upgrade my first generation AirPods to the fancy ones. These are a splurge but totally worth it in my opinion. Not only are they noise-canceling, but they’re also comfortable to wear and don’t fall out of my ears. They make multi-tasking (read: podcasts while cooking or taking a call while holding a baby!) easier than ever.
  5. Two-Ingredient Pancakes – These were originally just meant to be a morning meal for George but as it turns out, I’m hooked on them, too. With just two ingredients (eggs! bananas!), they couldn’t be easier to make and they’re just so simple and delicious. They give me something to look forward to in the morning.
  6. Lake Pajamas Weekend Bundle – I’ve long been a fan of Lake Pajamas. The extra time spent at home just gave me an excuse to buy a new pair. The Weekend Bundle is my new favorite. The pajamas are as soft and cozy as ever, but not super heavy, making them perfect for summer.
  7. Tory Burch Spongeware – I’ve never needed an excuse to set my table (even on a boring, pre-Covid weeknight), but all the time spent at home sure did make it all the more fun to do so. Each night during quarantine was another opportunity for a pretty table. I went through all of my tabletop favorites (formal china, cotton tablecloths, you name it!), while also adding a few new things (these happy cereal bowls!) to the mix, too. I finally ordered the spongeware I’d been eyeing from Tory Burch. Despite the fact that the pattern will always make me think of quarantine, it will still feel like such a treat to set the table with it.

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