NOUNOU Conditioner

Considering this is a blog devoted to sharing my favorite internet gems and shopping scores, it’s odd that I’ve never shared a shopping list from the store I frequent most (read: every single day, sometimes three times a day) often: Amazon. From the basic necessities like batteries and soap to random discoveries and hidden gems like these hair clips I now buy in bulk, my Amazon cart is almost always full of something. Below, a quick hit list with some of my most recent favorite Amazon scores.

  1. Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream – As far as I’m concerned, retinol is the gold standard when it comes to great skin. It’s responsible for cell turnover and preventing wrinkles and more. I use a retinol prescription from my dermatologist for my face, but I also think it can’t hurt to add it to my overall body skincare as well. That’s where this cream comes in. I add one pump of this stuff to my regular body lotion every other day. It has no smell (big plus for me) and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. The best part is that it comes in the spa size so I’m not constantly having to reorder.
  2. Gold Bamboo Flatware – I love (!) when I find tabletop gems on Amazon. With a price tag under $100, this really is such a good score.
  3. Glass Coffee Mugs – I love the simplicity of a glass mug. Whether for coffee or hot tea, I use these every single day. These are a great buy. You can score a set of six for under $100.
  4. Pink Disposable To-Go Coffee Cups – On the days when I’m taking my coffee to-go, these are the cups I use. I mainly love them because of the color.
  5. Colored 1-Inch Masking Tape – I use this tape whenever I’m wrapping gifts with Kraft paper. It adds some color and makes a perfect finishing touch.
  6. Drinking Game Cards – What can I say? It was a long quarantine, we got really creative with out cocktail hours. These cards are really fun for a group – whether in-person or on Zoom!
  7. Davines Nounou Conditioner – Quarantine had me discovering all kinds of beauty products. This conditioner was an old favorite that I had forgotten about until recently. I used to only be able to buy it at the salon but I was thrilled to find that it’s available on Amazon.

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