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VARLEY Top // ALL ACCESS Leggings // APL Sneakers // LARQ Water Bottle

COVID-19 has taught me all kinds of things, one of which is that I actually can workout from home. While I do consider myself disciplined when it comes to exercising, I’ve never been very good at doing it on my own. I thrive in a class setting. Having a gym session booked on my calendar motivates me to show up, so if I can’t hit up a spin class or head to OrangeTheory then my workout might not happen. COVID-19 presented a particular challenge for me here. With all of my usual spots closed, I had nowhere to go but home.

Our new reality forced me to switch things up. I leaned into it and decided to get more adventurous with my workouts. Thanks to several apps, I was able to do just that. I tried out a bunch of different ones but there were two that emerged as my favorites: The Sculpt Society and Melissa Wood Health. For dance cardio and quickie strength sessions, TSS is the clear winner. The workouts are honestly fun and instructor Megan Roup has such a positive energy about her that makes you want to really show up. When I wanted something a little less cardio-focused and more like a flow, I flipped to Melissa Wood Health. Her workouts are all low-impact, but surprisingly tough. She focuses on lengthening and toning muscles (My Bala wrist weights came in handy here) through small movements. Her classes always left me feeling really energized – albeit, a little sore the following. I always felt so energized after completing one of her classes. I have loved both of these apps so much so that I’ll be sticking with them even after all of this is over.

Of course, there’s nothing like new workouts – even one that’s happening from your living room – to motivate an activewear refresh. In addition to stocking up on old favorites (these leggings and these bras) I also used this time as a “research” opportunity and tried out a variety of new (to me) brands and styles. Tory Sport has suddenly become a favorite. I love her side-pocket leggings and this hoodie is now a daily wear of mine. (I’m also oddly obsessed with her tie-dye set.) I also discovered these tanks that I now love and We Over Me’s capris. They’re a perfect length for me. For more favorites, scroll down to shop the full list.

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