DUCDUC Crib // DEBUCI BABY Crib Sheet // PHILLIP JEFFRIES Wallpaper // THE CEH Custom Dresser // FERM LIVING Pear Hamper

First things first… Please know that these photos were taken long before the baby was born. (I was still very pregnant and George was still very much in the safety of my womb!) That’s all to say that George was never in this crib with a bumper. The bumper was removed as soon as George arrived home. Safety first!

If you follow me on IG then you have likely seen snippets of George’s nursery already. I thought it was time to post a couple of peeks here, too, along with some of my favorite nursery things, starting with the crib. When it came to designing my nursery, the first decision I made was the wallpaper (I’ve loved this wallpaper for a long, long time. I actually brought the sample to my interior designer and we worked from there). The second decision? The crib. After doing a little research (and a lot of browsing), I decided to go with a crib from ducduc. What I really loved about the brand is that they manage a balance between safety (read: sustainably-harvested hardwoods and non-toxic, water-based finishes) with beautiful design. I went back and forth on which style I liked (there’s lots to choose from and they offer all kinds of customization, including color-matching!) but finally landed on the Soho” style in all white. With so much pattern and color everywhere else in the room, I liked that the design was clean and simple. I ordered mine through Mintwood Home. (The owner, Heloise McKee, is so sweet and was so much fun to work with on this!) What I have very quickly learned is that babies spend a lot (a lot, a lot) of time in their crib so I’m glad I chose one I really love.

Stay tuned for more nursery peeks!

Design by Molly Van Amburgh // Photos by Jen Burner

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