ASHLEY BEGLEY Custom Invitations

As much as I wish I didn’t spend late nights glued to my iPhone screen, the truth is some of my very best discoveries have come as a result of this bad habit. Case in point: Ashley Begley. I came across the artist while on a deep downward spiral on Instagram and have been dying to work with her ever since. When I was starting to dream up the invitations for my holiday dinner party, she was the the first person I reached out to. All it took was one quick phone call to fill her in on the details (leopard! colorful! festive!) and off she went. The next thing I knew I had the most perfect invitations and menus ready to go.

What I love about Ashley’s work is that its whimsical, but elegant. She can put a festive spin on something super formal (think: wedding invitations) and can elevate even the most casual to-do. She has such a great eye for color – not to mention, she’s a blast to work with. Take a peek at her Instagram feed (dying over these!) to check out more of her work.

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