Anyone who suffers from sensitive skin knows that while it’s a year-round issue, winter is particularly tough. It’s always around January when the worst of it hits for me – think: dry patches, redness, and inflammation. And it’s not just my face that suffers. It’s my body and hair, too! The good news is that I know when it’s coming so I can be extra prepared.

I’ve made several swaps to my routine in the last few weeks to help my skin and hair (just a few quick spritzes of this does the trick!) stay extra hydrated. For my body, I’m skipping any sort of harsh shower gel and instead opting for a Dove beauty bar. Once I’m out of the shower, I moisturize with a combination of this lotion mixed with a few drops of this body oil (I’m usually not one for fragrances but this one smells divine!). On days when I’m noticing that my skin is getting super dry and irritated (usually on my arms), I skip both of those and just cover my body in this balm from Aveeno. It’s a miracle worker, I promise. I find that the more products I use on my skin, the worse it is so when it comes to my face, I’m keeping makeup to a minimum. I find that I really just need a few products (other than sunscreen) to get myself our the door, including this lip balm ($4 for a pack of two!) and this oldie-but-a-goodie blush from Nars which delivers just the right amount of color to make me look alive.

I’m someone who really likes a one-stop shop which is exactly what you’ll find at Walmart. The store has a full edit (they’ve down the work for you!) of the best winter-skin remedies – from a delicious hand cream to the best in hair care, it’s all right there.

Below, a full shopping list of my favorite winter-skin saviors.

This post was sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

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