One of the most frequent questions I have been getting in Q&As lately is without a doubt what my favorite newborn items are. I’ll be honest: I am absolutely no expert when it comes to babies and all the things. Everything is still really new (will it ever not feel new?) and as any mom can attest, it’s a constant trial-and-error process when it comes to figuring out what works for your baby and what doesn’t. (With that said, I have learned a few tricks along the way and there are several items that have been standout favorites for us.

Below, six of our most-loved baby things at this very moment.

  1. The Doona // The convertible car seat/stroller is by far the best thing I added to my baby registry. George and I really haven’t ventured out all that much but the few times that we have, the Doona has made it so much easier to do so. It’s a game-changer and really lives up to the hype.
  2. Kickee Pants Pajamas // Here’s the thing: constant diaper changes means constant dressing and undressing my baby – and sometimes it’s just too many little snaps. (If you’re a mom then you know exactly what I mean here.) The zip-up pajamas from Kickee Pants are a lifesaver here – especially when it comes to middle-of-the-night changes! We started with two pairs and now have at least a dozen. They are super soft and the fabric is slightly stretchy, offering some give as he grows.
  3. Erbaviva Skin Products // Figuring out the right skincare products for a newborn is a process. I try to keep it super simple by minimizing the number of products I use and making sure that the ones I do are as clean as possible. (The thought of putting chemicals on his delicate skin makes me cringe.) I’ve really loved all of the products from Erbaviva. They’re USDA-certified organic and free from chemical and artificial fragrances. I use the shampoo and the body wash.
  4. Nanit Baby Monitor // I’ll be honest: finding an all-around perfect monitor is no easy task. They all seem to have their issues. After trying several different monitors, we have landed on the Nanit as our favorite. We rely on screens a lot in our house so this seemed like a natural fit for us. The app makes it super easy to monitor the baby wherever I am. We took an old iPad that we weren’t using and downloaded the app so we primarily use that when we’re home. (Tip: it’s also great for babysitters so they don’t have to download an app to their phone.) Of course, the second our Wi-Fi goes down so does the monitor so there’s that issue with it. That has happened a couple of times so we use this as a backup just in case.
  5. Lovevery Play Gym // I love this solely because George loves it. He is totally entertained and calm when I lay him down on this mat. It’s great for early development, promoting everything from making sounds to exploring colors and more. Bonus: the mat is machine-washable and very easy to clean.
  6. Lovevery Play Kit Subscription // This is by far one of my favorite things so far. Created by childhood development experts, Lovevery offers curated play kits with age-appropriate toys to aid in the development of the child’s brain. Each kit comes with a variety of toys and a comprehensive guide for parents that offers insight into the child’s development and growing brain. You can buy each kit separately or, you can do what I did, and sign up for the year-long subscription which will give you a new play kit every two months. (Note: this would make such a great gift for a new mom!)

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