Pregnancy is no easy feat. Some days are great, some are not. That’s the truth. Anything – whether that’s a prenatal yoga class or a delicious skin-soothing cream – that makes the process just a little easier gets a shiny, shiny star from me – not to mention, is totally worth sharing with the world. I know I’ve mentioned the below items here and there in several different posts but I thought it was worth putting them all in one place.

Below, my favorite things that got me through the 10 (because, contrary to popular belief, it is indeed 10, not nine!) months.

  1. MIO Tummy Rub Butter – I didn’t discover this cream until halfway through my pregnancy. I wish I had known about it earlier. Thanks to all of the skin stretching that was happening, my stomach was very itchy during pregnancy. This cream totally saved me there. I applied every time I got out of the shower in the morning and again right before I went to bed. It soothed my itchy skin and I do think it helps prevent stretch marks.
  2. Clarins Body Oil – I feel like I mentioned this oil over and over during pregnancy but that just goes to show how much I loved it. Pregnancy made my skin so dry. This oil really helped. I applied it all over my body post-shower (and over the tummy rub butter), every single day. My skin felt so much better because of it. It reminded me of a delicious oil they use at the spa which always made it feel like such a treat.
  3. ASOS Maternity “Boyfriend” T-Shirts – Pregnancy is all about keepings as simple as possible. Finding the best basics is important. These t-shirts were a winner for me. I loved the slightly oversized – but not baggy! – cut and the longer length was ideal. These $19 t-shirts come in several colors, including white, black, grey, and khaki. Tip: buy one in every color!
  4. Obe Prenatal Fitness Classes – I did my very best to stay active during my pregnancy. I’ll admit it was more difficult than I thought it would be. I was exhausted and the more my belly grew, the less motivation I had to head to the gym. Those were the days that the Obe fitness app really helped. The app offers on-demand fitness classes you can stream on your phone or Apple TV. The best part is that there’s an entire section of prenatal classes – including options for stretching, yoga, and dance cardio. I found this app extremely helpful in the 3rd trimester. Some days I managed to make it through an entire 28-minute class and others, I just went for one of the 10-minute express options. Either way, it felt like an easy way to get a little bit of movement.
  5. Sleeper Dresses – I feel like I’ve exhausted this one to death but I really feel like I spent every other day wearing one of Sleeper’s linen dresses. If I wasn’t in their “Brigitte” dress then I was wearing the off-the-shoulder midi. Sleeper’s linen dresses were comfortable and easy for me and – most importantly – made me feel pulled together when nothing else did. Bonus: they’re not maternity dresses so I’ll definitely continue to wear them, which is good news since I feel like I have every color at this point.
  6. Lululemon “Align” Crop Leggings – This is another one I mentioned over and over but they were just that good. These were the only leggings I wore during pregnancy. Why? Because they were hands-down the most comfortable. They are super stretchy and the high waist was key. It covered my bump, and I didn’t feel like I was constantly having to pull up the waist during a workout. Even at the bitter end of my pregnancy, these leggings were still comfy and still my favorites.

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