One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received via DM lately is which NYC restaurants I consider my favorites. While I’m usually pretty quick to respond to all of the DMs, this is one question that’s a bit more difficult to answer simply because there are so many on my list – not only that, but my list is also constantly changing. Bottom line: there is no shortage of amazing restaurants in NYC and every single visit produces a new spot to love.

With that said, there are a handful of spots I consider my tip-top favorites, the ones I find myself always recommending to friends and family. From my favorite burger in the city to my go-to spot for cocktails on UES, this hit list covers it all.

  1. Claudette – I love this adorable little spot. It’s perfect for a casual lunch.
  2. Babbo – This is Italian food at its very best. Getting a reservation can be tough but totally worth the effort. 
  3. Upland – This restaurant is a crowd pleaser! There’s something for everyone. I love their burger – and so does my husband!
  4. The Club Room at The Lowell – Elegant and lovely, this is my favorite UES spot for a cocktail.
  5. ABC Kitchen – There’s something for everyone here. I love to go for lunch and then spend the afternoon browsing through the store.
  6. Il Buco – This spot is so cozy! It’s the perfect place for a glass of red wine and a bowl of pasta. 
  7. Le Coucou – Believe the hype. This place is worth it. The food is incredible and the ambience (the lighting! the design!) is absolutely top-notch.
  8. Polo Bar – This midtown favorite is cozy and gorgeous. It’s a classic.

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