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  1. The unsolicited advice is never ending. It starts the second you announce you’re pregnant and continues all the way through your third trimester. My advice: create your own “short list” of people whose opinions you actually find valuable and care to hear. Then, find a way to tune out everyone else.
  2. Hormones are a very, very powerful thing. In the past, I always sort of thought my pregnant friends were using hormones as a scapegoat. I was wrong. Hormones are not a bogus excuse. They are, in fact, a very real thing and are largely responsible for much of the insane behavior that seems to present itself during pregnancy. I’m someone who is very in touch with her emotions: I can pinpoint exactly why I feel a certain way – whether that’s happy, mad, sad, whatever. However, over the last 8 months, my emotions have been totally unpredictable. In a snap, I can go from totally fine to a puddle of tears. It’s annoying but at least there’s a reason: hormones.
  3. People seem to lose their normal sense of manners when it comes to what they say to pregnant women. They will suddenly think that because you are pregnant this gives them license to make comments about your body. They will say things like, “You look like you’re delivering tomorrow!” (when, in fact, your due date is still months away); “Are you sure it’s not twins in there?;” “You don’t look chubby, you just look really swollen.” You will be extra sensitive (you can thank those hormones for that) and, no matter how secure you think you are, these comments will sting. Bodies should never be up for discussion, especially when you’re pregnant. The only person that really has permission to voice their observations about your body is your doctor.
  4. There are only three words you should ever say to a pregnant woman. Repeat after me: you look beautiful.
  5. There really is no such thing as a pregnancy “glow.” I think it’s a myth that falls in the same category as “it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day.” It’s there to make you feel better but it really isn’t true. The reality, for me at least, has been nine months of brown spots (aka melasma) and weird breakouts on my face. The only “glow” was the glimmer of sweat that appeared daily because my body temperature was that of a hot oven.
  6. Vegetables and anything green will not appeal to you in the slightest the first trimester. Instead, it’s carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Don’t freak out about this because right around week 14, a sliver of your old self will reemerge and you will suddenly like salads again. Until then, order the pasta and enjoy every bite.
  7. You will never be more aware of time than you are while you are pregnant. You start measuring everything in weeks and each time you reach a new one will feel like a little victory. This basically means that time moves incredibly slowly – until it doesn’t.
  8. Despite what I just told you about time moving at a snail’s pace, the truth is: it’s finite. This time is short and sweet. Enjoy it as best you can.

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