CELINE Sunglasses // CANO Earrings // GANNI Dress // CARRIE FORBES Sandals

As my due date quickly approaches (!), I’ve been spending the majority of my time trying to get everything ready for this baby. But the truth is: I don’t really know what “ready” looks like.

What I do know is that the nesting instinct is very real. I’ve been prepping the nursery (having that done makes it feel so very real), organizing onesies, and making more trips to and from The Tot and Buy Buy Baby than I ever thought I would. In addition to the baby things, I’ve also felt the need to check things off the to-do list that really don’t have to get done before the baby but in my mind, absolutely must. Does that make sense?

What’s left? Packing my hospital bag. I’ve gotten some great tips here from friends on must-haves. So far, this includes comfortable pajamas (I’m definitely bringing these and these), a robe, my slippers, along with the necessary items for baby, including this precious outfit. Any specific tips here or items I absolutely need? I would love to hear from you all. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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