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Let me start this post by stating the obvious: moving is rough. This is true whether your new home is across state lines or just around the block. Not only is moving time-consuming, but it can take a toll emotionally, as well. It takes a lot of work, which is why hiring the right people to help get the job done is essential.

This leads to me to perhaps the best decision I made during my move: hiring The Organized Nest. I started following the DFW-based company on IG earlier this year and was totally blown away by what I saw. Their before-and-after posts were like the best kind of movie montage, showing their ability to transform a space from a chaotic, cluttered mess to an organized, Marie-Kondo-esque dream world. As my move date quickly approached, I knew I needed them in my life.

How right I was. They were a total game-changer. Prior to the move, I met with TON founder Debbie Horton to discuss details. She took stock of our current inventory and all the “stuff” that would be moving with us. She asked great questions and really listened when it came to areas of importance and understanding how we live and use the spaces in our home. This is so important because rather than come in and just organize it the way they want to do it, the TON team really customizes the experience so the end result is both fabulous and functional. (For example, I explained that I was someone who loves to entertain. The TON team took note of this and went to town on organizing my barware and tableware so that everything has a home.)

On day one of our move, the TON team showed up (with a label maker and Container Store bags in tow!), prepped and ready. They handled everything – including unpacking, buying trips to Container Store, organizing, and labeling. The worked their magic everywhere from my closet to the pantry. The result was totally life-changing. Everything has a home (read: there’s no longer a need for a “junk drawer” in the kitchen!), and the system they set up is one that we can easily maintain. (Fact: they even had the forethought to set up a drawer area for the baby.) They turned what would have been a totally overwhelming experience into one that was actually pleasant and enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking for a full organizational overhaul or just need some tidying up in your kitchen, call the TON team and let them work their magic. Trust me on this one.


Photos by Lindsey Weitzel

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