As I’ve mentioned here before, makeup has never been my strong suit. I’m just not any good at the application. (Somewhere along the way, I missed the lesson on how to do makeup.) It’s a good thing that I prefer a more natural look because that’s really all I know how to do. This is all to say that my “everyday makeup” is really my “all-the-time” makeup, day or night. The only addition to my routine for evening is mascara and, depending on the look, maybe a red lip (love Tom Ford’s matte lipstick in “Flame“). Other than that, it pretty much stays the same. Basic and kind of boring, right?

With that said, I’ve done lots of trial and error on those basics and have landed on a handful of favorites. Below, the six cosmetics I currently use (almost) every single day.

  1. Laura Mercier “Radiance” Foundation Primer – I apply this right after sunscreen. Sometimes I wear it by itself with just a little bit of blush, but it’s also a great base for any tinted moisturizer or foundation. It has a very subtle shimmer (read: not sparkle!), giving my skin just the right amount of glow.
  2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – No matter how many times I’ve tried to get into a new tinted moisturizer, I always end up back with this one. I use the “Nude” color (in the winter, when I’m not getting as much color, I go with the “Porcelain” shade) and I either apply it with this brush or this beauty blender (whichever one has been cleaned most recently.) It feels so light while still offering the necessary coverage.
  3. Garnier Dark Circle Eye Roller – This drugstore cosmetic has been a favorite of mine for nearly 10 years. It’s quick and easy and does exactly what it’s supposed to do: lightens and brightens my dark circles. Bonus: it’s $12.
  4. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer – For those days when I need just a little extra coverage, this is the concealer I’ve been using. It’s slightly heavier than what I’ve used in the past but lately, that’s the kind of coverage I’ve needed. It’s great for underneath the eyes and around the corners of the nose.
  5. Westman Atelier Highlighter Stick – I’ve really loved everything I’ve tried from the Gucci Westman makeup collection but this stick is definitely my favorite of the bunch. I apply it on the top of my nose, right above my top lip (that’s a Kim Kardashian trick, thank you very much) and along my cheekbones. It gives my skin a such a good glow.
  6. Nars Blush in “Bumpy Ride” – There are plenty of days that I leave my house without applying any of the above but never without blush. It gives my face the boost of color it needs and makes me look awake. I’ve always loved the color options from Nars and “Bumpy Ride” is one of their best. It’s the perfect peachy-pink.

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