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It wasn’t until I was about 10 weeks pregnant that I noticed it: Lucy was acting different around me. The truth is Lucy is an only child. She’s very accustomed to my attention (not sorry about that!) and it’s very normal for her to spend the majority of her day by my side. But this was different. She suddenly became a constant companion, following me around from room to room. Not normally much of a barker, Lucy has also started barking much more and ferociously, too. And to top it all off: about a month ago, she started laying her head right on top of my belly every chance she gets. So, do we think she knows?

I mentioned this to a friend of mine who responded by sending me a couple of different articles on the subject, including this one. Apparently dogs can totally sense it. A dog’s nose picks up a different scent due to female hormones and it’s very normal for their behavior to change as a result of that.

Thoughts? For those of you who have dogs, did you notice a difference in his or her behavior when you were pregnant? I’m so curious.

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