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When it comes to summer travel, I usually prefer to space it out – start with a vacation over Memorial Day, throw in a weekend getaway (or two) in June, and finish it off with a big trip in late July or August. However, that’s not the case this summer. This summer is different for two reasons: I’m pregnant and we’re moving into a new house.

Both of these (very) exciting developments have placed limits on when I can travel. This means instead of spacing out the trips, I’m packing them all in over the course of the next month. There are three stops on the agenda and they’re all over the map.

First up is the Amangiri in Utah. I’m headed there with my family (including Safari Elaine) for five days. The Amangiri has been on my bucket list forever. It’s in the middle of nowhere so we really won’t be venturing off property, with the exception of a day trip to the Grand Canyon. I’m looking forward to spending the days relaxing, hiking, and enjoying the spa.

The next trip is the big one. Just a few days after we return from Utah, my husband and I boarding another plane and heading to Spain for a babymoon. We’re starting off in Madrid and then heading to Marbella. Neither one of us has been to Spain so we’re extra excited about this one.

The last stop on the agenda is a quick trip to Palm Beach with my best girlfriends. I can’t think of a better way to top off the summer travel than an easy weekend with my BFFs. It’s exactly the kind of weekend I need before returning home and packing up to move.

Where are you headed this summer?

Photos by Lindsey Weitzel

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