superga sneakers

SUPERGA Sneakers

As some of you know, I recently started a weekly Q&A series on IG. The types of questions run the gamut (I love hearing from you all, by the way!) but there are a handful that pop up again and again. One of those repeaters is the question of sneakers – my favorites ones, the best budget-friendly pair, which ones are ideal for travel, and so on. Today, I’m going to try to answer all of those questions with one answer: Superga.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to sneakers (especially white ones) but for me, the “Cotu” pair from Superga hit all the right marks. They’re classic (simple and chic), comfortable, and with a price tag of $65, they’re definitely budget-friendly. I bought my first pair of Superga sneakers when I was an intern at Teen Vogue. This means I’ve been wearing them for a full decade – and I still love them just as much!

Wondering how I keep them clean? That’s the easy part. They’re canvas so I simply throw them in the washing machine and then let them air dry. Easy-peasy.

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