If you follow along with my Instagram stories then you’re aware that I spend my Tuesday mornings (5:45 am!) playing tennis with my husband. I’ve always loved playing tennis and I find that the older I get, the more I enjoy it. There’s lots to love about the sport – one of which is that it comes with cute outfits. I’ve received quite a few DMs from people asking me to share my favorite tennis gear so I thought I’d do that here.

Thanks to the whole athleisure trend that’s happened over the last few years, there are lots (and lots!) of options when it comes to tennis wear. When it comes to my shoes, I’ve always been very brand-loyal to Nike. I think they make the best ones. I’ve been wearing this style for years. On the other hand, my tennis apparel is a complete mix of brands. My go-to favorites at the moment are Nike (I have this skirt in three colors), Tory Sport, and, most recently, L’Etoile Sport. More often that not, I prefer a tennis skirt but I do have a few dresses (including this one and this one) that I really love.

Below, a full list with all of my favorites. Scroll through to shop.

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