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VARLEY Top // ALL ACCESS Leggings // LARQ Water Bottle // APL Sneakers 

I’ve never been great about new year’s resolutions (I’m more of a take-it-one-week-at-a-time kind of girl) but I’m proud (and surprised) to report that I’ve actually managed to keep up with the ones I set for myself this year – including the ones that involved hitting the gym! Now, the trick is just sticking to it. Motivation comes in many forms and in this case, it’s retail therapy. A refresh to my activewear selection is just what I needed to put a little pep in my step and get me out of bed and into the gym (or, once a week, the yoga studio). Anyone with me here?

Here’s the thing: activewear is a tricky category. Everyone has their own specific preferences (color or solid black? cropped or 7/8 leggings?) when it comes to what they like to wear to the gym. This means it requires lots of trying, before buying. I’ve been doing lots of both lately and have managed to come across a handful of new favorites that have made their way into my closet. Here, a few of the highlights along with a full shopping list at the end.

  1. All Access Security T-Shirts – I tend to prefer looser-fitting tops at the gym – especially if I’m hitting the treadmill. All Access tees are super lightweight with just a touch of stretch. They’re loose but not overly baggy, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day long if you want. (Note: I also just ordered a pair of their cropped leggings and really like them.)
  2. DLC Training Tanks – As I mentioned, if I’m going for a jog, I really prefer something that’s on the looser side. This tank is comfortable and the material is ideal for a long run. (On the other hands, if I want to wear a more fitted tank, I love this one.)
  3. Pure Lime Seamless Bras – This is without a doubt the more comfortable sports bra I’ve ever worn. It offers enough support for my small chest (I wear an XS), making it a perfect option for any activity. I’ve purchased it in all three colors.
  4. All Access Ovation Capris – When it comes to leggings, I only buy cropped styles. (The same is true for all my jeans.) I just don’t look good in full-length. In the past, my favorites have been a mix of the “Captain Crop” from Alala, Nike’s   I have several styles that are favorites, including
  5. APL Techloom “Breeze” Sneakers – If you’re a serious runner, these lightweight sneakers probably aren’t for you. However, for all less intense activities, they’re great. These sneakers are super comfortable and although they’re lightweight, they still offer plenty of support. I wear mine for everything from barre classes to light jogs. They come in lots of colors, too!

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