Travel may be good for the soul, but it’s definitely not so wonderful for my skin. The combination of time spent on the airplane (all of that recycled air is so dehydrating!) and just the general departure from my regular routine always leaves my skin totally out of whack. In order to combat these skin woes, I rely on an arsenal of products that are always packed in my carry-on. From an eye cream that prevents puffiness to the best moisturizing mask, these are the five products I’m never without while traveling.

  1. RMS Makeup Wipes – I received these as a sample in another skincare package and quickly become obsessed. I like to begin a flight with a fresh, clean face so these wipes are ideal for quickly removing all traces of makeup. One or two quick swipes is all it takes. The ingredients are all super clean so it’s great for sensitive skin or, in my case, redness-prone skin. I also really love that each wipe is individually packaged, making them easy to pack and dispose of on the plane.
  2. Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Mask – I’m a big fan of Barbara Sturm’s entire product line (the facial scrub is amazing!) but I think her face mask is one of her shining stars. They’re rich and extra creamy, leaving my face moisturized and hydrated. The best part is that it comes in small, easy-to-dispose packets. I leave it on for as long as I can (note: it dries pretty much clear so you don’t look like you even really have anything on your skin) and then simply do a quick rinse to remove.
  3. Kate Somerville De-Puffing Eyebalm – This eye cream is the absolute best for traveling. Not only does it works wonders for preventing puffiness, but it’s also made from manuka honey and goat’s milk, making it ideal for my super sensitive skin.
  4. Avene Hydrance Cream – This cream is richer than what I normally use but that’s exactly the kind of the thing I need on the airplane. I mix in a couple of drops of Susanne Kaufmann’s Nutrient Concentrate  for an extra dose of moisture. My skin feels amazing afterwards.
  5. Lano Superbalm – I received this as a stocking stuffer from a friend. I’m totally obsessed. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used for everything from a lip balm to a hand cream. Think of it as a suped-up version of Aquaphor. It’s dense but it melts in quickly.

One last note: I’m not a fan of sheet masks on airplane simply because I find them a little messy and cumbersome for in-flight travel. However, the first thing I do post-flight is apply one of these masks from 111Skincare. My aesthetician got me hooked on these. They really do bring every bit of moisture back to my skin after a long-haul flight – not to mention, my complexion is brighter and a dewier after using one. They’re definitely pricey but I think they’re worth every penny.

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