CELINE Sunglasses // KHAITE Bodysuit // MICHAEL KORS Pants // LOEWE Handbag 

As I mentioned last week, there have been lots of clean-outs happening at my house. (‘Tis the season!) From the kitchen pantry to the hall closet that somehow became the catch-all for all sorts of random things (I found a shopping bag full of koozies from college in there!), every single corner of this house has gotten the once-over – including my own closet! Cleaning out a wardrobe is tedious (trying things on can feel like a chore) but always worth it in the end. This year’s clean-out led me to make a style resolution for the new year: invest in the best basics.

When it really comes down to it, there’s a handful of items that make up my outfit rotation. They’re the building blocks of my wardrobe, the items that make their way into multiple looks throughout a single week. It’s these kinds of items that are worth the investment. The current line-up includes things like this Khaite bodysuit. (Note: it’s also available in white.) I find myself reaching for it like I would my favorite t-shirt (which, by the way, is this right now), wearing it with everything from blue jeans to plaid pants. It fits like a glove and the quality is such that it will last for many seasons to come. Budget-friendly it is not, but the number of wears (and wears to come) justifies the price tag. Other items that fit this kind of bill are things like a classic trench coat (love this one and this one), a perfectly tailored blazer, t-shirts that last longer than a couple of washes, or a leather handbag (think: this or this) you’ll love for years to come. Does that mean my shopping trips through Zara are coming to a stop? Of course not. It just means that I’m going to be more conscious of my purchases. Overall, it’s a smarter way to shop: buy less, but better.

For more investment-worthy buys, scroll down to peruse the shopping list.

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