The festive season is upon us. You’ve sent in your RSVPs, narrowed down your potential outfits (if not: allow me), and, now, you need to consider gifts for your hosts. After all, no matter what kind of party it is, you certainly can’t show up empty-handed.

Take my advice: skip the bottle of wine and forgo the scented candle (unless it’s this one). While those are nice gestures, they leave something to be desired. Instead, think outside the box. Get creative. A gorgeous tome for her coffee table (love this one) is always a good idea. We know she loves to entertain, so why not show up with a set of cocktail linens (bonus points if you have time to embroider her initials!)? If she spends a lot of time in the kitchen (not all hosts do) then level up her look with this fabulous apron. I love to gift a host with a favorite beauty buy. An Hermès lip balm, a Chanel nail polish, a set of these gold eye masks (she’ll be grateful for those the morning after!) – any and all will do and always feel like such a treat.

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! For oh-so-many more, head over to the holiday edit where you’ll find a gift curation dedicated to haute hostess gifts. Below, a hit list with a few of my favorites.

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