When we first started the quarantine, I wrote this post listing ideas of things to do while at home. I decided to take my own advice here so in addition to organizing my house top-to-bottom and baking lots of cookies, I also started going through the tomes in my of collection of coffee table books. I started making a point to leaf through at least two per day and before I knew it I had made my way through piles of books ranging in subjects from travel, design, food, fashion, art, and more.

Beautiful books have always been something that brought me great joy but never more than they have in the last month. When I couldn’t leave my house, I escaped into the glossy pages of books. Re-reading old favorites felt like revisiting an old friend, and I discovered a few new tomes on my shelf that I had yet to read. Despite being stuck at home all day, these books left me feeling inspired and refreshed. Books really are the ultimate escapism.

Below, a full edit with 16 books – both old and new – that bring me joy.

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