As any seasoned hostess knows, the table is at the center of any well-planned dinner party. A beautiful setting sparks joy, brings people together, and ultimately sets the tone for the evening. Below, a few of my tips and tricks and must-have products for setting a festive table for your next dinner party.

Layer it up

The most beautiful tables are the ones with the most layers. Mix different china patterns and introduce texture and unexpected colors to your table. 

Themis Z Plates

Everyone looks better in candlelight

People really underestimate how important lighting is to a dinner party. Overhead lighting is no one’s friend. Instead, fill the tables with a mix of votives and dripless tapers. It’s really the whole vibe for the night. Turn off your overhead lights and opt for he lighting is so important

Don’t save things for special occasions

Whether it’s a casual buffet for family or a seated holiday dinner for twelve, consider them all special occasions. Use your wedding china, iron your linens, pull out your grandmother’s silver!

Campbell-Rey Glassware

Serve casual food, but make it fancy.

Don’t overcomplicate the menu. Opt for crowd-pleasers, beautifully plated: think fried chicken on a silver platter. (I once served Dairy Queen blizzards from silver mint julep cups.)


It’s all about the presentation.


Invest in Good Linens

Trust me on this one. You will not regret it. 

Summerill & Bishop Tablecloth  // Ellis Hill Custom Napkin

Good music goes a long way.

I think we can all agree that a dinner party with no music is a total buzzkill. Make your own playlist ahead of time or find one on Spotify and tweak it to suit the mood. My rule of thumb: a mix of Jay-Z, Sam Cooke, and Vampire Weekend. 


Tip: Cover all the genres


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